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Access Issues

On this page we will try and keep you up to date on local access issues. Please feel free to enter further information or updates.

Speyside Way, Tomintoul spur. September 2019. There have been considerable improvements to the route between Glenlivet and Tomintoul. All the boggy areas now have a good firm surfaced path  and there are horse friendly gates replacing all the old swing/chain stiles. It is all now rideable.

At one burn crossing you may choose not to use the boardwalk and instead go through the boggy ground to the side. It is only for a couple of yards and is quite safe – that is the way all the cattle go.

Below the public road on the final section to Tomintoul there is a steep ascent and descent which some might find awkward. The steps on the footbridge are too steep to ride but you can easily ford the burn about ten yards upstream from the bridge though the xit point is not immediately opposite the entry point.

The Crown Estate has created some new waymarked routes. One is the Cairn Daimh woodland walk – a six mile circuit which would be a nice short ride through the woods and over some open moorland.

Cabrach – September 2019. The winfarm construction is nearly complete and all the routes here are open for riding. There are some waymarkers in place and new carparks have been built. There is also now a ranger for the area.

Fishwives Path at Drybridge. The gate is currently locked and will remain so for the immediate future. I met the farmer the other week with Michelle Gillebrand from the Access Forum. The farmer has had terrible problems with irresponsible access by trail bikers who have torn down fences and killed at least one young calf. However, the good news is that he is not anti-access and will open the gate on request. I’ll post contact details  soon.


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