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Access Issues

On this page we will try and keep you up to date on local access issues. Please feel free to enter further information or updates.

Cabrach – April 2018.

Although the windfarm (Dorenell) is under construction, access is still allowed to much of the site as the developers, EDF, have to provide alternative access routes. You can see the Access Management Strategy and map of the routes affected.

The main alternative route and contact details are shown in the images below.

Please let us have any feedback on this route. This can be a nice area to ride and as part of the substantial access improvements planned EDF will be constructing three new carparks, all of which will have provision for horse boxes/trailers. All of the main routes in and around the windfarm are scheduled for improvements.

Ben Aigan – 3 December 2017. A new gate has just been put up which if locked will prevent access to the car-park. I understand that this is to allow harvesting and road construction work to take place some time in the near future. (A lot of people ignore the safety notices and this causes real problems for the contractors).

FCS have replied that they do not intend to close the forest during road construction but do expect people to obey the safety notices.

Fishwives Path at Drybridge. The gate is currently locked and will remain so for the immediate future. I met the farmer the other week with Michelle Gillebrand from the Access Forum. The farmer has had terrible problems with irresponsible access by trail bikers who have torn down fences and killed at least one young calf. However, the good news is that he is not anti-access and will open the gate on request. I’ll post contact details  soon.


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