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Access Issues

On this page we will try and keep you up to date on local access issues. Please feel free to enter further information or updates.

A96 upgrade

There are several public consultation meetings coming upabout the A96 upgrade. Please get along to one if you can. It is important to constantly remind Transport Scotland about rider’s needs for safe crossing points and the need to protect rights of way  and suchlike.

Details of meetings here

Moray Way – February 2018. Equestrian Access Improvements.

We have been asked to contribute to a survey about improving equestrian access to the Moray Way. See below. Please let me have any comments you may have.

My company have recently been assisting Moray Council and the Moray Way Association in undertaking a feasibility study into the Moray Way: a long distance circular walking route which utilises existing path networks on the Speyside Way, the Moray Coast Trail and the Dava Way (shown in the attached map). If you have not heard of the Moray Way further details can currently be found here:

As part of our study which includes extensive route audits, we are looking into the longer term feasibility of developing sections of the Moray Way for multi-use including greater equestrian provision. At present we feel many sections of the Moray Way have great potential for equestrian use and a great many more areas as requiring minor access improvements to help facilitate greater equestrian use. Many of these routes are already well advertised on the Moray Equestrian Access Group website.

 We would very much appreciate the opportunity to gain any insights from either yourself, or a representative of the Moray Equestrian Access Group either via phone or by e-mail to help us in identifying the key challenges and opportunities to improving the Moray Way for equestrian users.

 If you have any questions about the above, the work we are currently undertaking, or where there may be opportunities for improvements then please do not hesitate to contact me anytime through any of the contact details shown below.

 Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter.

 Kind regards,

Ross McNeill, MEng, GMICE
Consultant, Transportation, Glasgow
D +44-141-222-6449





 Moray Council is reviewing the original Moray Core Paths Plan which was adopted back in 2011 and has prepared jointly with the Moray Local Outdoor Access Forum, a Draft Amended Moray Core Paths Plan 2018 as the review document to be subject to public consultation.

 The Draft Amended Plan contains proposed additions and amendments to the existing adopted Core Paths Plan. Of particular interest will be a number of proposed new Core Path designations and amendments to the routes of existing Core Path designations.

 Copies of the document and the associated maps are available for viewing from 29th January to 20th April 2018, Mondays to Fridays between 8.45am and 5pm at the Moray Council offices at:

 Council Office – High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

  • Buckie Local Access Point – 13 Cluny Square, Buckie, AB56 1AJ
  • Forres Local Access Point – Auchernack, High Street, Forres, IV36 1DX
  • Keith Local Access Point – The Resource Centre, 26 Mid Street, Keith, AB55 5AH

 Copies are also available for viewing at all Moray Council libraries during normal library hours, and on Moray Council’s website at

 A series of drop in exhibitions which include the Draft Amended Core Paths Plan have been arranged during January to March 2018 at the following venues between 2pm and 8pm:

  • 6 February-Fochabers Institute
  • 15 February- Lossiemouth Town Hall
  • 21 February-Mortlach Memorial Hall, Dufftown
  • 8 March- Forres Town Hall
  • 13 March- Longmore Hall, Keith

 An additional drop in exhibition has also been arranged for Saturday 17 March 2018 at St Giles Church, Elgin between 9.30am and 4pm.

 Any person can make representations specifically on the proposed additions and amendments to the Core Paths Plan.

 Representations must be made by 5pm on Friday the 20th April 2018 using the online form available at  or in writing using the response form available at all above mentioned locations and sent to Ian M Douglas, Moray Access Manager, The Moray Council, Ashgrove Depot, Ashgrove Road, Elgin, IV30 1UU. or by e-mailing .

Ben Aigan – 3 December 2017. A new gate has just been put up which if locked will prevent access to the car-park. I understand that this is to allow harvesting and road construction work to take place some time in the near future. (A lot of people ignore the safety notices and this causes real problems for the contractors).

FCS have replied that they do not intend to close the forest during road construction but do expect people to obey the safety notices.

Cabrach. Access apparantly is allowed along the forest road entrance but only by prior arrangement. Probably simplest to avoid here for a while as there is currently no good parking.

Fishwives Path at Drybridge. The gate is currently locked and will remain so for the immediate future. I met the farmer the other week with Michelle Gillebrand from the Access Forum. The farmer has had terrible problems with irresponsible access by trail bikers who have torn down fences and killed at least one young calf. However, the good news is that he is not anti-access and will open the gate on request. I’ll post contact details  soon.


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